Lecture Workshops.

Engaged, But Not Married.

Building rapport with clientele takes patience, persistence and time. However, it’s imperative we create definitive boundaries between teacher/student, leader/learner. This lecture will explore how to create healthy relationships with your participants while being mindful of relationship dynamics from psychology.!
Equipment: Mic, Projector

Teaching Styles: The Pros & Cons.

You have the ability to choose a teaching style that matches your passion, purpose and personality. Explore various teaching styles & the pros and cons of each, leaving with a clearer vision of when each style is appropriate and how to define and maximize your own.
Equipment: Mic, Projector

Your Class Is Your Platform.

What you say —and how you say it— speaks volumes. With each class, there is an opportunity to positively or negatively influence a person simply with the tone of your voice or the words you choose to speak. Enhance your awareness to elevate each individual connection, each class you teach.
Equipment: Mic, Projector

Avoiding Burnout.

The fitness industry is a selfless one of continued service to others. If you are not careful, your love of the biz can quickly turn negative or worse, to ambivalence! Come and recharge with simple tools, techniques, and reminders of ways to stay driven & healthy for a long-lasting career.
Equipment: Mic, Projector

Effectively Leading Your Leaders.

Management is difficult and managing your team is no different. In this interactive environment, discover the skills you are already equipped with to communicate with your staff and facility members. Learn to navigate difficult situations and embrace your individuality while taking an inward, self-evaluation approach, ultimately finding you the freedom to manage your team successfully.
Equipment: Mic, Projector

Move Yo Body!

Safety is key and understanding how your body moves through space will unlock a stronger, leaner you!  This workshop will give you the deets on how to safely squat, lunge, push up and stand up straight (who knew there was a right way to stand!).  Leave feeling empowered and armed with knowledge to capitalize on your workouts each and every day.

Equipment: Mic, Projector

Like What You See?

We are honoured to customize a workshop specific to your staff needs. We can tailor the experience relatable to trainers, instructors or both.

Movement Workshops.

Teaching With Success.

Master the ability to connect with your clientele through three key areas of focus: education, participant interaction and your beautifully, unique self. Learn how to create meaningful moments through what you say, and how you say it ~ whether you are cueing for technique, inspiration, or otherwise.
Equipment: Dumbells

Let The Music Move You.

Group fitness originated organically when people gathered, put on some music and moved to the beat. If you’re not musically inclined, this can be daunting! Come and practice the art of movement to music to elevate both dance-based and resistance-based classes.
**Great workshop for trainers to add to your toolbox**
Equipment: Mic, mp3 Player

Kickboxing 101.

Elevate your cardio kickboxing class by teaching proper kicking and punching techniques. Safely lead a class with combos designed to get the heart rate high and lift their energy even higher!
Equipment: Mic, mp3 Player

Ride & Release.

These two delicious experiences are a perfect match for an optimal workout! Sweat hard as you cycle the first portion of the format and finish with myofascial release on the major musicles worked ~ a match made in heaven.
Equipment: Bikes, Foam Rollers

Ride & Glide.

Start this workshop with heart-pumping cycle drills and finish off with multi-dimensional training using the Gliding Discs for a lower-body blast that’ll leave you inspired to deliver it to others.
Equipment: Bikes, Gliding Discs

Training Tips For Top Classes.

Running low on interval class ideas? Not sure how to take your classes from good to great? This workshop will ‘play’ with different principles of training with a focus on releasing the child within through interactive games.
Equipment: Dumbells, Step Boards, Risers 

Gym Class 2.0

A bodyweight-only workout that will bring you back to the good old days through old school music and gym-style fun. Reliving individual and team-oriented drills through a 21st century lens, this is one workout that will bring out that inner competitiveness ~ throwback style.
Equipment: none

BOSU® Blast.

Investigate ways to build an intervals class using the BOSU® as the featured equipment. Learn how to use the BOSU® for cardio drills, resistance exercises and a mix of both.
Equipment: BOSU® Balls

Step Successfully.

Choreographed step classes are making a come-back! Learn the basics of step moves and how to build 32-count combos. Explore the various ways of layering moves together to invite steppers of all levels to your class.
Equipment: Step Boards, Risers